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Old 02-16-2013, 07:17 PM
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Hey all,

As I'm trying to play GK again, I'm finding that I've forgotten most of everything. Some things, I'm managing to work out on my own, or after spending hours picking through 3 or 4 (largely old and outdated) information sites, finding a gem of info here or there.

But here's the thing - I'm an old player returning - so no going through the newbie tutorial, and it seems a lot of things have changed and most of the helps I _am_ able to find are written by people who have been playing so long they've forgotten what being truly new in many senses is really like. Either that or the server is that broken or changed, and undocumented, that the old helps and FAQ's are no longer valid. Whatever the reason, I have lots of "newbish" questions I hope someone will take the time to answer...


1) Alchemy - have a cauldron, know how to do /recipe 'name' and /recipes, know to double click the cauldron, put stuff in it, - but I can't seem to figure out anything past this. Any help on the specifics of HOW to use the skill would be appreciated.

2) Have a horse, have it at 100% like (about 6 hours or so old now), it's fed, have a saddle, can get it to follow and stop - but can't seem to figure out how to ride it. Also it doesn't appear to be eating from the trough I made and is at 100% food. (It's pegged inside my house on Zormite for now)

3) Dungeons, magic and keys - pretty much really out of my element again. I can cast basic spells using my old Forest Wand, but I can't remember how some spells even work, particularly those that are buffing types. I can't remember how to get in and out of the haunted houses, and I keep finding all these keys laying about that I have NO idea what they are for.

4) Lord spawns - I've not seen a single one yet - and I've been wandering all over the map like crazy.

5) Houses - I know they need to be "upkept" from time to time - but I have no idea how you tell the level of decay or how much repair is needed, etc.

I have tons more questions, but for now figure that's plenty to pester people with. Thanks much in advance for any help!

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