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Old 06-01-2010, 05:58 PM
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GC Hiring

That's right folks, it looks like GC is going to be hiring some help to get things rolling along for the future. A ton of thanks to Rufus for randomly still having the link to the application, which made it a lot easier on me (ctrl+C ftw!)

With that said, I tweaked the app a little because of the UC status of the server, as hours on classic are no longer a valid criteria. I've also brought down the events required to 2, in order to hopefully allow people to think of 1 great and 1 good event, rather than stretch for the last two in order to meet the quota. Spend some time on these events, because I would like to at least attempt to create the better ones.

Likewise, because of my lack of scripting+gani abilities, I'm hoping to find some applicants with the previously mentioned skills for the GC Dev team. Right now I'm planning to just have one large team and have everyone host, but those who can script/lvl/gani/etc will work on those on the side.

So all in all, be yourself, don't suggest a new CTF gametype, and be honest. Remember, I'm literally the only person with GC right now, so I need all the help I can get. With the server being UC, we won't be hosting 24/7 like we will when the server is up; we'll probably host a few events a day and mostly stick to working on projects like GC studios.

Feel free to share this with any of your friends that might be interested. Recall that you're supposed to answer the App questions in an e-mail (send it to my e-mail listed at the bottom.)

(Also, there's really no need to reply to this thread, unless you see an error/have a question with the App or GC in general. Anyone who posts their App here, unless they have e-mail issues, will likely lessen their chances of getting hired.)


Part A
1. What is your account name?

2. What country+timezone are you in?

3. What name do you go by on your home server, aka the server you play most?

4. What is your current online time on your home server?

5. How often do you play Graal?

6. Do you have any prior staff experience? If so list them and the servers they were for.

7. If someone were to begin causing problems in one of your events, what would you do?

8. If you were PMed by someone who obscenely comments on disliking an event or something pertaining to an event you did, what would you do?

9. If someone began talking about you or something you did event wise over mass messages, what would you do?

10. If someone was bothering you about hosting an event every time you logged onto Graal, what would you do/what would your response to them be?

11. Contact Info: e-mail is required, and an AIM account would be preferred, although I have windows messenger too.

Part B
Come up with 2 original events, at least 1 of which has to be done using existing tools/levels (can't pertain to making new levels/scripts/etc. and yes they have to be events made by you...hence original). Give their name as well as a description of each.

Part C
Type up an entertaining essay on why you feel you should be picked for GC. Just be honest, and try to keep it anywhere from 50 to 200 words. Also, try not to give the cliche "I'll host all the time" answer, because just about everyone uses it. And really, I don't want you sitting around hosting events all day. Despite any belief to the contrary, there is a real world out there, and I'm sure at least one person wants to hang out with you....hopefully.

Fill out the application and sent it to (email removed).
DO NOT send your application in as an attachment. Doing so will see your application null and voided.

Thanks for your interest,

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Old 08-03-2010, 03:11 AM
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