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Old 04-06-2012, 06:10 PM
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The kingdom of valikorlia is recruiting!

From the ashes of the crippling Third Valikorlian Empire arises a new and restored Kingdom of Valikorlia, if and only if it can be unified under one leader. And so the people of the land made their call; their call for a King.

Gavriel Bayard commands this new kingdom as a symbol of hope through hard times, he hopes to unify the people and restore the country and kin that he loves. He makes plans to win the hearts of the citizens, stamp out the lands corruption, and ascend into an Age of Heroes!

Get to know the leader and how the peasant-born King rose against the impossible:

The Kingdom of Valikorlia is full of many opportunities for you to grow as both a character and a player! These opportunities start with the several different military sects of the Kingdom.


The Vanguard of Steel: The Kingdom's knight elite, and heavy cavalry.

The Kingdom needs heroes. To that end an order has been issued to summon every able bodied patriot under one banner. Are men of this age so empty? Weaker men have stood in the face of disaster with greater resolve. No longer. Stand, and take up this banner and this oath. Are you ready to lead by example?

Are you made of steel?

And what's this? Rewards!

Tier 1 - Prospect
-Full Plate Armor (Steel)
-Weapon of Choice: Depends on your characters specilization (Ex: broadsword, two-handed sword, spear, mace, warhammer, etc.)
-Crossbow (or bow and arrow for those that specilize in it)
-Round Shield (Steel)

Tier 2- Armsman
-Full Plate Armor (Steel)
-Weapon of Choice
-Round Shield (Steel)
-Corvite Knife*

Tier 3- Squire
-Full Plate Armor (Steel)
-Weapon of Choice
-Round shield (Steel)
-Corvite Knife
-Buxton Horse* (With abilities, lances, and javelins included.)

Tier 4- Knight
-Full Plate Armor (Steel)
-Weapon of Choice
-Round shield (Steel)
-Corvite Knife
-Buxton Horse
-Item blessed by clergy men of Xerxa of the Knight's choosing. Usually a sword or a shield.*

Tier 5- Knight Champion
-Full Plate Armor (Durium)*
-Weapon of Choice
-Round shield (Steel)
-Corvite Knife
-Armored Buxton Horse (Steel) still equipped with lance and javelins*
-Item blessed by clergy men of Xerxa of the Knight's choosing. Usually a sword or a shield.

Buxton Horse Abilities:

Smart Pedigree
[Companion: Passive, Constant]
Sir Buxton has bred his horses down to a strict pedigree. The horse and the horse master develop a connection that is unmatched by another horse under the Buxton's caliber.
Effect: This connection allows the horse to read its masters routes. The horseman may now move freely on his horse while attacking and defending with no penalties to the control of his/her steed.

Steed Burst
[Companion: Utility, Activated]
The Buxton horse is the fastest and strongest steed in the land.
Cooldown: 5 turns.
Target: An enemy or location within 100 feet of you.
Effect: Owning the most superb steed in the land comes to your advantage. With a swift kick to its side, the horse begins to gallop at a speed unmatched by any other kind of horse, reaching any target in the area with ease.

[Companion: Offensive, Force, Potency II]
Let the neigh of your horse and the beating of its hooves be the last thing your enemy hears.
Cooldown: 1 turn
Target: An enemy within 25 feet of you.
Effect: The horse and master take to running straight through an opponet, causing certain mayhem for those caught under its hooves.
This ability can be combined with 'Steed Burst' raising its attack power to Potency III.

The Grey Ravens: The Kingdom's espionage and ranger sect.

Murderers, rapists, and treasonous dogs who were sentenced for a quick death but chose a long one instead in service to the Kingdom of Valikorlia.

There are the religious zealots and the honorables who join to fight but they're few and far between.

These men are commanded by Matthew Delapore.

Standard Infantry, Navy, and City Gaurds

Perhaps not as interesting as the previous two, although just as important. These roles are for both new and experienced players.

The Navy is headed by Captain Ivven White and the best ship of the fleet; the Ark Royale. It is based out of the port city of Lucca.

The Standard Infantry is a legion of grizzled veterans and commoners, a mass amount of recruitment has even sparked the need to recruit based on War Games between Commoners and Imperials to see who gets in.

City guards vary by location and serve the lord of the lands to which they are assigned to.

All are important in keeping order in both the lands and seas of the Kingdom.

Locations, important figures, and political maps coming soon!

If you are interested in joining the Kingdom or have any questions then you can contact me either on graal (acct name: ZazenSoul) aim (davemaster5567) or Skype (arealbigsinna) or just post whatever comments, questions or concerns you have on here!
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