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Old 09-07-2008, 12:23 AM
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Graal Kingdoms Rules

The key feature of Graal Kingdoms is the community - as a result we have created a set of rules to protect both the individuals and group as a whole. These rules are presented solely as a means of protection to our users - but we prefer you simply enjoy the game without any concern; a user typically knows when they are going outside of lines.

Harassment is the first and foremost rule.

The value of our community is dependent on a healthy environment for our users, as a result of this we discourage racism or any other form of discrimination. Belligerence is an aggressive and damaging behavior - there is never a good reason to harass another player.

When malicious players interfere with the game play of another user it's possible for you dramatically decrease their enjoyment of the game. There are so many different ways for a player's game play to be negatively impacted by another that we can only ask players respect one another.

We invite our users to work their differences out together, even through the rough times; this is, after all, how close friendships are formed.

The Market is very important for Graal Kingdoms.

Because the market is such a vital part of our community we try to discourage any sort of cross server trading or even the real money market of items. These markets create an unfair advantage to individuals and the effects ripple through the entire community. Working hard for what you earn is what makes it special, especially when you can reap the benefits of your cool new loot.

We know you want to have fun, but please try to consider the effect your actions have on our players and choose your actions carefully, the administration does not want to determine the results.

Scamming is a hostile attack on an individual.

Sometimes when you're trading the other person will accidentally give you something they didn't mean to. Sometimes the other person was being careless with their items. Regardless of the reasons - you're taking advantage of another person, and while it may appear as an excellent financial opportunity to you it is at a very dear cost to the other player.

Scamming happens, and we think it is very important for our users to practice their own protection. But scamming never goes unnoticed; there is an end to everything.

Please Consider the following, it is very important to the maintenance of our community.

Our staff are players, they just want to have fun and interact with everyone, but they are reliable people and they protect our community. When they are speaking to you it is very important that you cooperate. Your cooperation will determine how you are treated.

Have you found a bug? Bugs happen, and if you can enjoy it then we honestly invite you to - just let us know. You are welcome to enjoy the fruits of your labor so long as they do not become a threat to the entire community - but always let us know when something unintentional is occurring.

So, have fun folks - but remember these are the rules for our community of Graal Kingdoms. The rules of the code of conduct are also applicable here, and we depend on you to follow them. There can't be rules for everything - sometimes there are special cases and they will have to be treated accordingly; you must acknowledge this before you can enjoy our server. We'll try to keep you informed if we make any changes - but it is your responsibility to stay current with any changes that occur to the rules.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

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