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Old 06-13-2009, 09:03 PM
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Abusive Staff

It has recently come to my attention some staff on Era may be abusing their rights to mess with players and annoy them or what not. I am not going to name any names so don't ask. When I first heard of this I was surprised because up until recently no one has said anything to me. I asked the people complaining why the others they were talking about never complained to me directly and why they were doing it on their behalf. Their response to me was that they were "afraid" the person may retaliate after hearing about the complaint.

This really bothered me because as many may know, I do not stand for corruption and have worked hard to make sure things did not go back to the old ways.

The reason I made this thread was to let all players know that if you have a legit complaint about a staff member who has been abusing their rights in any way or form, then you need to contact me specifically. If I am not on at the time just be patient and wait for me considering I am usually on at some point in time each day. If you have access to forums then you can simply send me a forum PM detailing what happened.

I take abuse very seriously and I would never pawn an abuse complaint off on anyone else. I will personally investigate each claim and make sure to discover what really happened. I also am completely unbiased when it comes to dealing with corruption so if you are worried about me being partial to any specific person then don't be, because anyone who really knows me will tell you I won't show leniency to anyone friend or not.

And to all staff: Even though most of you are already aware of the rules I thought I would reiterate. There is zero tolerance when it comes to abuse. I will catch you eventually even if you think you are slick and your punishment will not be given lightly. So if you have any urges to abuse your rights or tools in any way, please resist them. Thank you.
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