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Old 07-30-2010, 12:46 AM
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Graal 2001, GDT, and You

I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering for quite some time now multiple things about the Global Development Team, in regards to what exactly we do, what's going on, etc. The answers I have for everyone is this.

It's really hard to say what direction we are exactly going in. We currently have one project that is starting to enter the development phase which will demonstrate functionality of Graal's engine and help introduce new developers to the familiarity of Graal, as well as educate others with new concepts and possibilities that Graal has to offer. While this is what I feel a satisfactory project for now, I still think we could be doing better, obviously.

The real question I have for every one of you guys, the players, developers, managers, etc. is this: "What do you want from us?"

We will be continually updating the Graal Bible as well as work on Skyld's own independent GScript-based wiki as usual, providing support to those who need it, and work to the best of our abilities to satisfy you the best we can. However, we are limited by our team's own imagination, and we haven't gotten much feedback from the players, so it's really hard to say what else we can do. Aside from that, we have a major proposition for you, the players.

I'm interested to hear who still cares about Graal 2001. Skyld approached me earlier today, requesting the GDT to take over development of the project. Now, I know for a fact we can handle it, and would be a perfect task for us, working on an official server. If we were to accept this project, it would certainly put a hamper of what other kinds of support we could provide, since this would be a full-dedication project. But, there are different ways we could work around this.

I'm not going to decide if we should work on the project, YOU guys are. Simple as that.

This raises multiple options. Once we begin development, I don't see any signs of stopping, since this is something YOU guys want. This will also prove our worth to those who criticize the team to show you we are determined to give you what you want.

A couple of ideas that have been floating around include:

-Hiring individual developers to help the GDT with development
-Once development is complete, how should we set up managerial rights?
-Players volunteering to test for bugs, suggestions, improvements
-Perhaps a bi-weekly/monthly blog giving everyone updates on our development progress, keeping you informed

As I said earlier, we want to serve YOU. If you don't want us to continue 2001's development, I don't see it ever coming back. Do you guys still want it? If not, what do you want? If we don't get much feedback from this, then I feel the GDT will remain in it's current dormant-like state, until we think of new projects of our own to work on. As much as I'd love to jump right into 2001 and start developing, I can't do it with just HR alone. We have a team of talented developers who are just as anxious to work on something meaningful and fulfilling as much as we are.

TL;DR Version:
  • Skyld offers GDT to Develop 2001
  • We want what YOU want us to do
  • Up to YOU what we do
  • Provide feedback

We will be eagerly awaiting your responses.

Need support? Here's how to reach me.

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#graaldt @ Freenode
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