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Old 04-26-2015, 07:04 AM
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Request Text Commands (requesttext)


Adding this here as a reference

Requests marked with a ^ are special requests that might not be accessible by normal scripts, i.e. for privileged scripts such as the playerlist and serverlist.

Requests marked with * are similar in requesting as they are sending data back using sendtext, i.e. to send a new weapons list.

PHP Code:
requesttext("clientrc"int 1 or 0); - opens/closes a Client-RC session (only works if you have admin rights set up correctly on the server)

requesttext("list"NULL); - returns the serverlist (TestedDoes not work with normal scripts)
requesttext("simplelist"NULL); - returns a simplified version of the serverlist (TestedDoes not work with normal scripts)
requesttext("upgradeinfo"NULL); ^ - returns the upgrade information of the current player
("bantypes"NULL); - returns possible ban types (Client-RC)
requesttext("localbans"NULL); - returns a list of local bans (Client-RC)

requesttext("pmservers"NULL); ^ - returns a list of public servers (used in the playerlist)
requesttext("pmserverplayers"str servername); ^ - shows the players of a given server in the playerlist
("pmunmapserver"str servername); ^ - hides the players of a given server in the playerlist
("pmguilds"NULL); ^ - returns a list of the guild tags currently in use
requesttext("pmguildplayers"str guildname); ^ - shows the players wearing the given guild tag in the playerlist
("pmunmapguild"str guildname); ^ - hides the players wearing the given guild tag in the playerlist

("weaponlist"NULL); - retrieves the weapon list from the server (Client-RC)
requesttext("classlist"NULL); - retrieves the class list from the server (Client-RC)
requesttext("npclist"NULL); - retrieves the DB NPC list from the server (Client-RC)
requesttext("weapon"str weaponname); * - returns the weapon script of the given weapon (Client-RC)
requesttext("class"str classname); * - returns the class script of the given class (Client-RC)
requesttext("npc"str npcname/int npcid); * - returns the NPC script of the given DB NPC (Client-RC)
requesttext("npcflags"str npcname/int npcid); * - returns the flag list of the given DB NPC (Client-RC)
requesttext("options"NULL); * - returns the server options (Client-RC)
requesttext("folderconfig"NULL); * - returns the folder config (Client-RC)
requesttext("serverflags"NULL); * - returns the server flags (Client-RC)
requesttext("folders"NULL); - retrieves a list of folders accessible to RC (Client-RC)
requesttext("folder"str foldername); - retrieves a list of files in the given folder (Client-RC)
requesttext("rights"str accountname); * - returns the local rights of the player (Client-RC)
requesttext("comments"str accountname); * - returns the local comments of the player (Client-RC)
requesttext("playerflags"str accountname); * - returns the script flags of the given player (Client-RC)
requesttext("playerweapons"str accountname); * - returns the weapons list of the given player (Client-RC)
requesttext("playerchests"str accountname); * - returns the chest list of the given player (Client-RC)
requesttext("playerattributes"str accountname); * - returns the basic attributes of the given player (Client-RC)
requesttext("scripthelp"str searchterm); - searches scripthelp texts for information on commands and objects (Client-RC)

requesttext("playerweapons""Skyld"); // requesting
sendtext("playerweapons""Skyld", {"Test/NPC""Foo/Bar"}); // sending a new list

sendtext("adminmessage"int playeridstr message); - sends an admin message to a player (Client-RC)
sendtext("disconnect"int playeridstr disconnectreason); - disconnects the given player ID (Client-RC)
sendtext("lister""getbanhistory"str accountname); - gets the ban history of a player's account
sendtext("lister", "staffactivity", str accountname); - gets the staff activity of a player'
s account 
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Old 05-04-2015, 05:06 AM
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There is also:

PHP Code:
which also works for offline players.
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