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Old 03-01-2014, 08:12 AM
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Ventus Returns

Welcome To Ventus

Background: Ventus has been a server in the making for about 2 - 3 years now its original plans have changed over time and turned into a RPG based server its original plans were basically not really thought out when i bought the server i had no development knowledge what so ever at the time but throughout the years i have learned more and more and been able to work with amazing people i am glad to have met and for that i am thankful however you aren't in this thread to hear about my Development skills your here to hear about this wonderful server Ventus so let's get started

Thank You: Ventus is a RPG based server founded in 2011 by me it's taken a few years while I've done Ventus and redone it time and time again to make sure the playing experience will be the best it can be with the help of my extraordinary staff team which i will list below i don't think i would be here today telling you about this server and i would like to send out a thank you to everyone who has dedicated hours of their time to help make Ventus a more player friendly place.

Storyline: 2 Kingdoms Ventus and Vanitas that should have never met face each other in a brutal fight to the end to declare who gets the land of the others kingdom it's up to you to save your home kingdom Ventus from being overrun by the tyrants from Vanitas. In your journey you will encounter puzzle's, enemies, and quests. It's up to you the fate of Ventus rests in your hands.

Game play:
Ventus features a wide range of items from killer swords to fun morphs,
Money Making ways include Mining, Fishing, Farming just to name a few, Quests consist of mainly puzzles, battling, etc,
What to do in your free time?
- Don't worry we have that covered to we have a wide range of events (Chance,Car Race,Sumo,Trivia,Water Race, Etc)
- We Hosts Auctions Weekly a great place to get items that cost a lot for cheaper also rare items auctioned occasionally
- Play CTF (Capture The Flag) with your friends or choose to go head to head with opposing Guilds at our giant castle Battle Arena
- Spar Friends at our deluxe Spar Arena
- Purchase and Play Mini Games in our mini game shop
- Or just sit back relax and listen to some awesome music on your very own MP3 Player sold at a shop unlimited amount of songs held

Still Reading? What are you waiting for stop by today

We update the server Daily with new things so you never get bored of the same old thing

Hirings: Ventus is always looking for new staff a thread will be made later with details although for more details sooner Forum PM me or log on to Ventus and talk to me personally

---Special Thanks To---
-B-rad (Bigcity)
-Jessie (Jessie)
-Emera (Mischief_P2P)
-Gunthrix (Gunthrix)
-iMask (iMask)
- And the rest of the past Ventus Staff team

Your Dedication to the server has been valued greatly and we wish to recognize you for making Ventus what it is today a great server

---Special Thanks as well To---
-Blah64 (Blah64)
-Reno Dorvay
For showing me sometimes things won't go the way you want in a server but it's your choice to get back up on your feet and fix it they have been my inspiration they are the reason for Ventus being what it is today so i would personally like to say Thank You to the both of them although they have not been around much they have remained loyal to Ventus to the end
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