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Old 02-18-2009, 02:31 AM
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Just close Graal.

Just close Graal, its going on a HUGE downfall. There isn't anything you can do about anymore.

WHOs fault is this?
The globals and Stefan FAILED to cooperate, and did not listen to anyones opinion. Bell the Player World Administrator had a GREAT idea of downsizing Graal so it would be more like 5 servers, unstead of a million. But nope, globals thought they can handle things on there own, guess not.

WHAT is causing this?
Stefan, and unixmad. Stefan for not being loyal enough to Graal, and unixmad for everything being overpriced. I got a bajillion PMs from my friends on Zone, and Graal Kingdoms saying that they WASTED money on garbage when they could have been paying for other games, for cheaper and offer more. I mean, it cost 40$, 40 freaking dollars for Zone, or GK. Everyday you log on, your just doing the same thing you did yesterday, pulling out a gun and shooting everyone. There is NO variety what so ever, Graal is just getting dull and boring.

WHERE is this happening?
No were else, but Graal.

WHEN is this happening?
Right now, Graal is just going on a huge downfall. There is nothing you can do about it, but just wait. Just watch, soon the message will appear on the forums when Stefan announces Graal shutdown.

is this happening?
No one cares. For example, I sent in my ticket a month ago and still hasn't been replied. If you guys did care, you would actually take the money we gave you to advertise, to hire professional developers and to improve on your firewall. Right now, as I see it, you just don't give a crap and just letting Graal die, so you have an excuse to just walk away with our money.

is this happening?
The population is decreasing, and is not going up at all. I don't think anymore P2Ps are being bought, nor is gold. The only people who are probaly buying are the people who bought before, because they are what we call ADDICTS and never played any other game BUT Graal. The ADDICTS are the ones keeping Graal alive, at the moment.

*Note, this post has nothing to do with anti-graal,anti-unixmad or a threat to hack Graal Online,cyberjouers in anyway.*

What do you think?


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