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Old 03-22-2009, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MiniOne View Post
I've found that Graal's community was actually fun and I enjoyed it a few years ago. I can ensure a lot of others can agree with me.
Are you sure you're talking about Graal?
Perhaps Zone, but I've seen on a few servers it is actually better.

Originally Posted by seanthien View Post
I tend to do that alot, correct me plx mr.popo.
I was just saying that so we knew what exactly he meant.
If you notice, ideas are plentiful. The lack of dev members, mostly scripters in my opinion, is what takes zone so long for updates to happen.
Then people should learn to do some kind of development work and help staff/management get it done.
hai.plzcorect plz.
I was talking to Imperialistic, it's a joke.
Staff should be these "Welcome Committee". Having a friendly community isn't a single person job. It's a group effort in my opinion, and alot of people don't cooperate too well.
If staff don't do it, and if players are complaining, then those players should. Promote what you want to get in return. "Do to others as you would like done to yourself." (Something alone those lines)

Originally Posted by pooper200000 View Post
Nataxo was staff. As Sean said, Nataxo was ET staff but Nataxo was never involved in development (Aside from testing)

Those of us who are staff read the forums and recognize problems and work on fixing them. It just takes time between implementing an idea and having the idea added.

I really dislike when people blame the community for two reasons. First off, we are all members of the community and by blaming the community we blame ourselves. We can't improve if we don't first improve ourselves.
The second reason I dislike people blaming the community is because the community comes up with a lot of ideas and is the driving force behind why there is a lot of development (Staff develop for the community).
I only blame the community when I see them complaining, but not actually trying to get anything done other than "thiz iz brokn plz fix" or "this iz laem wepn chng thiz!"
What I'm trying to say is, instead of complaining about weapons/fairness, learn to develop to create more weapons/improve fairness. GraalOnline is mainly ran by players, and Cyberjoueurs steps in where it's necessary and usually on Gold servers (because, that's why the servers are Gold, they're what they think of "better" servers, and want to improve them).
And the only reason I am not trying to develop for Zone, is because I don't play Zone too much nor really care about its development as long as something is getting done (which I know there is), and because I have my own projects to attend to.
I dislike your pessimism. You always speak of how Zone is going to die, but Zone is still here. It is only because of pessimism such as your pessimism that Zone is going to die. We need members who are willing to participate in the community, members willing to be a positive influence on the new members.
I believe players think of these kinds of things is because they don't see the possible updates.
If staff could get a list of what is being done or what is done to be released, I'm sure players will stop, give criticism (constructive? with Zone's players, not likely), and continue playing.

Originally Posted by Shadow5596321 View Post
Raven, Zone is dieing from lack of GOOD updates.
Oh yes, tell Raven, and have him try his hand at Iricia again!

Originally Posted by Ravenblade1979 View Post
Zone is dying from lack of updates. Then why don't people stop complaining and learn how to dev or script and help. Complaining won't do anything because there isn't enough staff to bring out new stuff.
This is what I keep trying to say, and what I've seen said before.
Players don't get the hint that those running the server are, in fact, only players themselves, who had learned to develop.
If players took about 3 hours to try to learn how to develop, I'm sure there could be much more work done. Of course, then they'll go out and get a server, and learn how hard it is manage them, and then be all "WHY ME" and quit. (Fake story, by the way. Just trying to say that it is in fact hard to manage a server.)

Just a note to all:
I would be glad to help teach what I know about developing to any player if they would like me to. Just give me a PM or Visitor Message on my profile and we can set up how to communicate and where to test (which, unless you have your own server, will be Testbed).

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