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Old 07-07-2015, 02:20 AM
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Antiquity is Hiring!

Antiquity is Hiring!

Antiquity is a classic server with a pinch of RPG. Using the classic style of swords, bows and bombs, this server will have a unique class system based around those three weapons. Along with the unique class system and level system, the server is story-driven; meaning that in order to have access to other gmaps, you must follow and complete the main quests.

What really makes the server unique is the creation of a new level system/class system. As said above, the class system will revolve around swords, bows and bombs, which are the three core tenants to the classic mentality. In addition to these three separate classes, there will be three additional “sub-classes” for each of the original class. An example for the class that would utilize the bomb would be a Dragoon, a Bombardier and a Saboteur. These subclasses each have individualistic purposes and qualities. One may, for example, be more catered toward tanking, while another support.

The uniqueness of the system truly shines when looking at the spin on classic leveling. Instead of leveling up (level 1 ---> level 2), players will have to find orbs. This alleviates much of the grinding aspect of the traditional leveling model, and creates a fair and competitive gameplay environment, holstering skill above online time. These orbs are separated into three different color-coded categories: there are Red Orbs, Yellow Orbs, and Green Orbs. The red orbs can only be found through the main quest/storyline, and these orbs allow the player to unlock skills in his or her respective class. Yellow and Green Orbs are “modifiers” for the skill, which allow players to improve skills into a more powerful and tact ones. Similar to a skill tree setup, the player is left with the option of creating their very own, unique character that will choose their skills based upon his or her play style and what the player finds most beneficial. There are virtually endless possibilities to what players can create, all yielding different benefits and results.

After a horrible crash on a ship, the player finds him- or herself on the sand of a small beach. With no survivors from the ship, and no recollection of who/where the player is, he or she must adventure on to the world ahead in search of help. In the first town the player reaches, there will be a small band of vigilantes who help protect the general innocent population. The player then joins the team as this sort of work seems appealing to some part of the player’s conscious, and now has access to accept different jobs (or side quests) to aid the vigilantes with their goals. Soon after completing some side quests, the player meets at ends with a small terrorist group that actually recognize the player, but before he or she is able to question any of them, they vanish suddenly after strange whispers amongst them. The question is then begged, who exactly is the player?

To continue further, there are different arcs of the story, and as aforementioned, completing these arcs will allow players to have access to different gmaps. For the first arc described, the player will have access to the first two gmaps and will work his or her way to the third gmap, which leads to the Second Arc of the story, and so forth.

The Team

Witch- LAT/Co-Manager

Puppin- LAT/Co-Manager

Devilsknite1- Scripting Admin

GeorgeTheKitty- Graphics Artist

Current Progress

1) Gmap 1 and 2 are near completion and just needs some detailing.
2) Updated classic pics1.png tileset is near completion.
3) Combat System is currently functional and is being further polished.
4) Storyline for the first arc is completed, with progress being made on the second.

We are Hiring!

We work as a small team, but right now are looking to expand, and are opening up all different development positions.

Level Designer
We can use some LATs, new or experienced, to help do some inside levels for the first two gmaps. We have some templates on how it should look like, and these will be given to you for you to follow as a base.

Please include at least 2 of your best levels in the application.

We could use more manpower in the scripting realm. More experience is preferred, though perfection is not expected. As long as there is a solid grasp on the knowledge pertaining to general coding, more specifically to GS2, we are willing to work with you to improve your skill along the way.

In order to be considered, please provide an example of the proper usage of the following:
A simple cool-down method utilizing timevar2.
A “for” loop beginning at 6 and ending at 22.
And lastly, answer the following to the best of your ability:
What is object-oriented coding? Is GS2 object-oriented?
What is the difference between server-side code and client-side code?

Graphics Artist
Interested in helping with the graphics? Please send us a “baddie” of your own work.

Gani Artist
We are in need of a Gani Artist for our weapons and baddies. If you are interested, and are able to gani, then please send an example of your work.

Where to Apply?
Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Application” with your desired position and account name, or just pop in the server and one of the staff members will assist you.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Central Area of Gmap 1.png
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Name:	Gmap 2.png
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Name:	Ship.png
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Name:	Dungeon.png
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Old 07-17-2015, 04:27 AM
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Looking very nice so far.

Has a very nice blend of order and chaos that I kinda dig.
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