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Old 09-03-2012, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by DripZ
Event's are really only active on the weekends which are then double points. It would only take 1 weekend to place in first which is imbalanced.
No its not really imbalanced. If one player can surpass all other players participating for the month in one weekened, and hold that position until the end, thats just one player excelling and probably a lack of interest in general on the part of the other players. There are 3-4 weekends a month. If all of the weekends are equally active, then no single one of them is a game ender by default. It takes a concerted lack of event participation in general for that to happen.

I think the real 'imbalance' is pushing the idea that there is some huge lack of, or necessity for balance with such a low user count. If you look at the numbers, its not a matter of people competing and getting blown away on the weekends, its a matter of 60% of participants only winning a single event, because they only bothered to join two for the month. 30% are tied for 4th, and the other 10% were actually interested in competing, did, and are in the top 3 (if there were even 30 participants for the month).

Its boring watching you win all the non-luck events, but its not imbalanced.
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