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Old 07-19-2015, 11:06 AM
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Updates from 07.04 - 07.19

For the Players that dont have the news message from the npc-server enabled or dont login GK often. Here is a list of the updates from the npc-server news message.

NOTE: We dont write down all updates if there are small fixes (sorry =( ).

- The Ghost Pirate Captain is now released!The Ghost Pirate Captain will spawn each 3 hours after beeing killed. His Army will always try to invade the new town Perditus. Kill his army and then swim to the ship-wreck and fight the captain!

- The new town of Perditus!
- Ghost Pirate Captain is now listed in :advitems- Monsters now interupt your spells if you get hit successfully.
- The Ghost Pirate Captain has been added to the game.[not released yet]

- The ground tiles for HardMode Golem should be fixed now to not change graphics anymore.
- Reduced damage for Vampire Guards and Ice Fiends so it fits the new damage calc system.


- There is a new calculation for AC now. This makes sure players with 80 ac or higher are not "gods" anymore.
At 90 ac you will reach the minimum hit-chance of 10% that monster are able to hit you successful.
- Removed the useless Clan button from the basic UI.
- Crystal Dungeon key parts / jewel are fully tradeable now. (You can also put them in sacks now)

- Rage Bomys now have Party Support.
-Rage Bomys drop loot boxes for the party.
- Directors (Walls) will be destroyed if the owner dies.
- Rage Bomys now drop adv items!- Hotaru completely re-done!


- The Grigori Island ferry is only available for players that reached level 110.


- You can now visit Grigori Island by using the new ferry on Battle Island. You can fight Rage Bomys there!


- There is a new quest to do in the Crystal Dungeon.Just talk to Gloh Jio to start it and kill the Hardmode Crystal Golem to get a 100 percent chance on adv items!You can repeat this quest each 8 hours.NOTE: You have to pick up the crystal jewel to get the quest reward.


- Placeing a Map-Marker should be more precise now.
- Players that login are faded-in now.

- Forming Clans has been disabled so the system doesnt take nihil coins anymore for a system that has been disabled months ago.

- The Affix (of Life) has been added to the game.
- FAQ and Graal Police are not (gods) anymore while using there staff tag.
- Wings have been disabled in the mining maps.

- Added Red Silken Hat to the game.
- Added Angel Shield of Night to the game.
- Fixed a glitch in the mining maps.
- Inventory is bigger now.-Maximus in NC shop can remove account lock on transmogged items for a fee.
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Old 07-19-2015, 12:36 PM
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