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Old 02-06-2010, 04:27 PM
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Magic, suggestions and discussions 2 ^^

I opened the first thread a while ago and its dead so I thought I would revive it
so Magic, suggestions and discussions

I donít know if any that i'm suggesting is being worked on but

*improve/fix area affect spells Spells like fireball, snowstorm they have an area of effect when hitting a wall but not when hitting a player I think these would be more affective if they set off hitting a player.

*Less time casting 2 defencive spells the spells earth wall and counter wall could be more useful if they could be cast quicker
I have to get a very long way away before casting counter wall against a lot of bullets and if I cast after I notice them cast its normally not quick enough making it rather useless,

If the earth wall spell could be cast quicker it could buy a mage a little bit of time to cast a longer spell before they run around to hit him.

*poison spells poisoning I read in another thread there was no way to poison with magic if so then poison cloud (magic) and poison fog(prayer) should have poison on them to have a chance to poison who they hit.

*Casting staff(weapon) Maybe having casting staff that was a weak weapon maybe as slow as an axe but 3 dmg and 3.5 cast time making it take longer to cast (you can hotkey away from the cast time but Iím assuming that will be fixed at some point)

but having it a weapon to attack with and the ability to prepare it to add the +pow +wis scrolls and cast could make it useful.

at the moment melee classes can prep there weapons for more stats, damage, wc but mages cant really as they take off the prepared weapon to cast.

*preparing wand/rods Edit: thinking more maybe adding slots to wands based on magic or wisdom skill -Cubes

maybe having some new spells I think level 18 is the highest level to learn all spells, but having some more spells at higher levels could make leveling magic have more of a point,

*Blink spell spells like a short teleport maybe in the direction you click not far maybe a bit more then a graal house width

Using a cast animation like holy orb used you can then click to change the direction like you would another spell without kind of pointing in the general direction with your wand lol

*Old spell affects as a new stronger spell At higher levels spells like they used to be before they were improved an old version of burning hands and ice storm

(before it was changed ice storm had a rather powerful affect it looked like it was raining ice at the cost it was it was a littleover powered but it would move in the direction cast and hurt anyone in it if it was the same spell needing a little more sp it would be more balanced or i think so could be wrong and the same for burning hands only it basically put fire on the ground that hurt if you walked on it.)

*Breathing Space A low costing spell that does no damage but can push people back easy

like a wider manablast with no damage but wider so there's more chance to hit and push away so you can breath

*recalculating the sp max/cost it would be nice I could cast build lightning wall with a magic ring on and now I cant cause the cost went up to high.
granted I only have 11 pow lol but being able to cast something then leveling up and not being able to use it shouldnít be right

**Colliding Spells if 2 spells collided such as a fireball and a snowstorm, they would disapear and let off a cloud of steam (like steam bolt but just a cloud) that wouldent have a caster so would hurt anyone that was b.mode who went into it(both casters)

think it would be cool not really the most usefull but little things add up :P

*Ring of Protection a spell that could cast a ring like a wall around the caster position centering him so fighters have to run through it and hurt them selves to get to the caster (probably mana as magic is one of the most likely to be effective againt them)

*Slow it shoots clocks at the moment but ive seen other spells that actually slow i think the spell should be made to use this effect and slow people in the area of effect (wall of thorns)

*element required spells a spell that goes a little but and gits the ground and reacts to the element
(water:like an impact that hurts and effectively acts like they ran into the deep water if hit, using ice element as its closest to water)
(earth: an explosion of rocks causeing physical damage, could be good for other mages without much phys defence)
(fire: hitting some form of fire maybe a burned item would set of an explosion like a fire ball)
dont know about lighting as im sure it would be hard to hit the bolt as its coming at you.

*Ethereal form maybe turning into an transeparent transended form for a short period of time, and or when you cast the spell again to cancel
this would be something along the lines of Pow+ dex+ magic+ but removing any form of phys resist or ac making you very easy to hit and hurt physically (dont know if Ethereal is the right word lol)

*Wizzys! craftable wiz hats without the ac so these craftable virsions would just be +1 magic but means anyone who decides to be a mage can have a hat and not worry to much about dropping the one at the start if they're a sorcerer ,crafting it could require the yarn used to make capes to choose the colour basically like a silver warrior helm for mages not the hardest to get but something

*robes, robe clothing giving +1magic, spose clothes not robes could give +1 regen, just so not everyone is running around with robes,

*missile storm doing damage, it just looks purdy at the moment lol

*Dangerous spells just a thought some spells that are stong and require a highish level in magic that could be unstable
*- A lightning cloud for instance shooting random bolts of lightning and hurting anyone in the cloud being unstable and strong it would still hurt the caster
*-A Vortex placed like a rune on the ground dragging anyone inclusing the caster towards it and amageing them if they get pulled to close
*-strong summon that attacks an anyone near it, inclusing the caster
*--could have differen levels to these at lvl 20 magic get 1 at lvl 25 its uner control and wont attack the caster at lvl 30 you can summon another at lvl 35 you wont be attacked by it,

*Debuffs we have "protection from" prayers it could be a good magic support spells that "weakness to" we kind of have this with curse but its not the most effective since it depends on what god your with :P -Cubes

* decrease stacked resistances as you put more protection from spells on youself they should get gradually weaker to stop you trying to use premade scrolls to make yourself resist any magic thrown at you -Cyan3

* Acid spells, we have the resistance for it but i cant think of any spells - Bioboi

* Changing Cast time to cast speed, an giving each spell there own cast time and coolown and having wands give +cast speed - Nature2

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