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Old 03-19-2012, 05:03 AM
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Post Rules of Valikorlia

Rules of Valikorlia

Valikorlia is a fantastic roleplaying server where you have an unprecedented chance to make your mark on the world. We are all about having fun, but to keep things fun for everyone we have some important rules:

Roleplaying - Valikorlia is a roleplaying server, which means all the action happens with people acting out their characters and using text to fight and interact with the world. While we have other things like fishing and mining and there's nothing wrong with some goofiness and hanging out, roleplaying is the main attraction and RPers are the ones we cater to.

Decorum - While RPing, please try to use complete sentences and proper grammar. You don't have to be a professional novelist, but it does help everyone become immersed in the world if you put effort into how you write.

IC and OOC - IC, or In Character, means you are actively roleplaying, while OOC, or Out Of Character, usually denotes just hanging out or watching other RPs. When you wish to say something OOCly, you should try to put it in brackets or parenthesis, this will let everyone know the comment is OOC as well as keeping it off the chat log.

Interrupting RP - Though it is fine to OOCly watch RPs, interrupting or ruining an RP purposefully is absolutely forbidden and will get you jailed or banned. This rule is important to make sure everyone can have fun and hold good roleplays.

Metagaming - In general, you are free to create your character any way you like. However, keep in mind that everyone is trying to have fun, so making a character who is super strong and cannot be beaten is going to make people not want to play with you. When playing, try to be fair and remember that what your character knows ICly is different from what you know OOCly.

RPAs - Roleplaying Administrators or RPAs, make sure the game world is cohesive and runs smoothly. They are essentially GPs of the IC world, so if you Metagame or break rules they can disapprove aspects of your character or specific roleplays. You are required to comply with their rules and wishes, however you are also encouraged to go them with any concerns both in general and specifically if you feel someone is being unfair.

Approvals - This is especially helpful for newer players who are not familiar with our setting. If you want a special ability or item you can go to the forums and submit an Approval request. The RPAs will look and, if the concept does not quite fit, help you to make it better, though they reserve the right to Disapprove anything that simply will not work or that they feel is too powerful.

Originality - Though we all take influences from things we like, please refrain from RPing anything from another setting such as Drizz't or Harry Potter.

Manners - Treating other players with respect is very important. Making fun of or mistreating other players for any reason is not allowed and will result in jailing or banning.

Bug/Glitch Abuse - We know that there will occasionally be messy scripts or perhaps broken levels. Reportig these bugs is greatly appreciated, but repeated abuse of bugs can lead to 30 day ban.

If you have any questions about these rules or anything else regarding Valikorlia, please feel free to talk to any of our staff in-game.
Now go have some fun!
Yours Sincerely,

(GK Management)

Clash: Nico, I'm going to give you an example of good management.
Clash: One of my staff removed my RC and banned me.
Clash: I didn't ban or remove their RC after I got another one to fix me.
Clash: Do you know why?
Bj÷rn: Because you IP banned him ?

Stefan logged on.
(npcserver) has reset the attributes of Stefan
*Stefan: ah my client crashed

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