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Old 05-16-2011, 11:30 PM
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Returning with an idea...

Upon getting my new computer a few weeks ago, I seem to be back into the PC-gaming mode. And with that, I have the urge to just create some new graphics and develop what I can of a server.

My server is still currently up and running, and I might as well put some TLC towards it, y'know. So I've boggled over a couple of stupid unoriginal ideas, the usual. But Whether this is considered to be original or not, I think I've chosen what I am going to have some fun with:

(before you read the following, keep in mind that there hasn't been a huge extra enormous amount of thought into this idea, so keep some of the bashing on the lack of ideas, to a minimum. As more ideas/thoughts will be added with short time)

After reading either one of these, or BOTH, skip to the bottom for points of some summarized short ideas of the server.


Short and Sweet! -

You gain a device which displays a HUD in your vision. As well as shows other peoples HP and levels above their heads. You get into a newly developing town/city. You see people shooting one another, and doing such jobs or events to occupy their time. The peoples guns aren't using bullets though, much like a paint-ball'ish material. Watching people die and disappear, you finally notice they are being respawned into a building nearby. You later learn you can set your respawn building to 5 different buildings. And can also warp to each of these building, given a 10second loading time. You realize this unique device is whats controlling everything. It is connected to the cities central hub, which is a revolving orb. The System. This controls everything. It changes colors according to which Battalion is running the city. There are 3 Battalions. Red / Blue / Yellow.

Longg drawn out, probably boring and uncreative story in the making.. -

Okay so, your player is mainly a guy who wishes to move away and have a fresh start on life. You have a fair amount of money. And you are hoping to find a newly developing town to call your new home. (This timeline will have nothing of relation to our current timeline. So there will not be a year similar to our era's. e.g.-1970's)So anyways, you stumble across a developing city called <insert_name_here>! This city is exactly what you were looking for. The city is being added to every day. As you are on your way into the city, you see a house that distinctively catches your eye. So you approach the house and talk to a man standing outside. He says nothing to you, just looks at you as if he already knows why you are here. He does nothing but points his head in the direction of the door. So being a young kid trying to add a little change in your life, you walk inside unhesitatingly. Inside, there is no furniture but a table with a chair. And on this table is a little metal, sophisticated device. It looks as if it straps to your arm. You pick up the device and stare at it in awe. Suddenly, a flash is in the air, and the device wraps itself around your arm! You feel a slight burn, but it quickly fades. Your retina's flash a bright blue for a split second, and you suddenly see controls in your vision. Much like an HUD. You see stats and menus and figures. And letters appear in front of you; "C h o s e n". Freaked out and paranoid now, you burst out of the house and run into the city for help. The front gates to the city open quickly for you to enter. Upon entering, they suddenly close behind you! You don't slow down, you keep running in the one and only direction you can think of, straight. You then notice people around you, all with the same band on that you have. And they are shooting each other! On your hip, you find a pistol-like weapon that is imprinted to fit your hand. You grab it and begin to defend yourself! You realize that the guns are not shooting what you know as "bullets", but are more of a ball shaped object. Much like a paint ball. Above the people around you, you can see bars, displaying their health and levels. You run and hide behind a dumpster. Peeking around, you see a mans HP bar get fully depleted. He falls to the ground and suddenly vaporizes with a sudden glare in the area. Baffled by what you have just seen, you didn't notice a gun pointed directly to your head - one shot. You feel a burst of energy flow out of your body, and you find yourself warped into a building. Your HUD in your eyes now displays Kills - 0 | Deaths - 1 | Lvl - 1 | Pts - 0... Game on. (I have yet to think of how to describe much more on the 'story' end, cause I plan on maybe making a cinematic to display or something! IDK!

  • Kills/Deaths will be recorded and displayed in custom profiles (your device)
  • The Battalion that is leading The System will get perks, whether towards making money/PKing/etc
  • There will be events hosted by The System (ET). Battalion events, and individual events!
  • Bullets are much like paint balls, and don't so much kill the person, just deplete the pixelated health, which resets you to your spawn
  • There will be leader boards for lots of various stats
  • There will be leveling on ways to make money, combat related things, and basic abilities
  • There will be level requirements to enter certain areas, participate in certain things, or equip a certain item.
  • Kills award you points, points are used to by anything combat related
  • Jobs Missions and Favors help you gain 'money', not points. Which is what will control the economy and items (minus guns, guns are points purchased only)
  • Events will award you with coins. Say its a 10-man event, 1st-8th will all get coins. But different amounts. 8th getting like 5 coins, 7-10c, 6-20c, 5-50c, 4-90c, 3-125c, 2-250c, 1-1000c. So 1st is greatly rewarded. These will add up like money would, and items can be purchased that are coin-only purchases. Maybe even a con to money converter. That you can trade in coins for money!
  • Tilesets theme will be kind of a modern feel, but more a bubbly feel with it. Guns wont be so serious and to the tee in touch with reality
  • Many more ideas have been thought up, and will be implemented into server
  • 'The System' is basically the staff team and administration. It will be the creators of it all. Which is, in reality, the staff of the PW. So this revolving animated semi-trans globe that changes colors, will represent our staff team!

Other things are less-detailed and will not need to be pointed out directly like the others. Feel free to let me know if this idea sucks, or could be fun, or add your 2c.

I really hope to get this going this time, and have something a little fun to play with! Let alone kind of different from the servers we have. Let me hope!

Thanks for reading/trolling/w.e u do here...


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Old 05-16-2011, 11:54 PM
skillmaster19 skillmaster19 is offline
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You just made graal sound epic lol.
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Old 05-18-2011, 02:07 PM
Arch_Angel Arch_Angel is offline
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I've started on tiles just now. After a half hour and so, this is what I have. I plan on making different colors on bricks and such in the end, after I make several styles.

Let me know how you might feel with the feel you see starting with these small patch of tiles. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Old 05-18-2011, 07:56 PM
Soala Soala is offline
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The trash can's (?) perspective looks weird, I don't get what you're trying to do by extending the sides.
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Old 05-18-2011, 08:37 PM
Arch_Angel Arch_Angel is offline
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Originally Posted by Soala View Post
The trash can's (?) perspective looks weird, I don't get what you're trying to do by extending the sides.
completely exclude that in the tiles. Thats not a tile, it was me experimenting on something.. And it came out way wrong, and it was not anything near done, NOR meant to look like a trash can i the end haha.. Forgot to delete that from img.
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Old 05-29-2011, 12:13 AM
Arch_Angel Arch_Angel is offline
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Still continuing this project, graphics are coming along good. I will post an update of them within the next couple following days.

I am currently (as usual) in need of a coder. Whether you want to take your time towards this project seriously or not, I still could use you. Any help and time you can donate towards this project, would be much appreciated. So if you are up for helping in any way, please get in contact with me ingame or on forums.

Any suggestions, ideas or discussions are still very beneficial towards my development towards this server. So please, throw in your 2centz. Thanks in advanced.
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Old 06-01-2011, 11:06 AM
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'You see people shooting one another.'

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