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Old 01-24-2008, 06:43 AM
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findimg() vs. showimg() is just a matter from preference. one isn't more OO than the other; one isn't more 'GS2' than the other. they are pretty much equivalent.

For example, taking
Originally Posted by Kristi View Post
showimg is a fine function. I personally do something like
this.whatevz = showimg(whatevz);
then generally reference the variable when i want to change anything = rad;
i would do something along the lines of:
Graal Script Code:
with (findimg(1)) {
thiso.whatevz this;

but either way is just as good.
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Old 03-13-2009, 11:58 PM
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I came across this thread when trying to find out if there was a built in drawLine() function. However, I needed the width of the line to be the same regardless of angle and made this:

Graal Script Code:
//DrawLine( img_index, start_x, start_y, target_x, target_y, width_in_tiles, red, green, blue, alpha)
public function DrawLineindsxsytxtywidrgbalph ) {
temp.ang getangle(tx sxty sy) + (pi/2);
temp.wid = ( wid == NULL .1 wid );

with findImg(ind) ) {
polygon = {
tx cos(ang)*widty sin(ang)*wid,
sx cos(ang)*widsy sin(ang)*wid
red = ( || );
green = ( || );
blue = ( || );
alpha = ( alph <= || alph alph);
layer 3;

An example:
Graal Script Code:
//Draws a black line of width .1 tiles from 25,25 to 45,45 
or if you want to specify color, width and alpha:
Graal Script Code:
//Draws a semi-transparent red line of width .3 tiles from 25,25 to 45,45 
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