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Old 09-07-2001, 02:49 AM
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They may be idiots, but we'll just call 'em "special"

It's funny how most of these people who ramble on about how the classic servers, like... hmm... Mithica, for example, suck and yet I personally have seen very few of them on for enough time to actually go through and assess the level quality.

I think it's time we all focus on the old, beloved adage "If you have nothing positive to say, shut the hell up you judgemental nimrod" and focus on the positive. The original point of this thread was to make sure that people knew these honorless people were doing things like this so that they could avoid the same fate. Links that we spend time perfecting are now shot, and several levels are absent alltogether. We are working on it, but it will take some time.

Another thing; many of you have been saying "Make Mithica free again!" -- as if I had the power to just snap my fingers and be rid of p2p. It doesn't work like that. In fact, I wasn't even owner when the decision was made to convert to p2p in the first place. I just wanted to formally announce that we ARE going free and that it's just a matter of time. Stefan met with our GM and told him this himself.

...For I am Sigla

Stat magni nominis umbra

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