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Old 11-26-2016, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by xXziroXx View Post
Nice work, but a few things that would optimize it and probably make it run a lot smoother:

- You don't seem to be clearing the drawing panel each cycle? Means you're drawing an insane amount of stuff in the drawing panel that should drop fps more and more the longer you run it.

- Instead of redrawing the world every 0.05 cycle, check if the player has moved or tilted his viewpoint and only redraw the world if required. Would increase fps by loads!

I bet if you did both of the above, drawing floors wouldn't be that laggy either.
With the not rendering unless movement is inputted, could potentially increase the speed, not sure though..

Originally Posted by Crow View Post
Isn't the drawing panel simply a buffer? If it is, not clearing it is the preferred method, as clearing a buffer is costly. Since you're filling it entirely again anyway, you don't have to clear it.
This is exactly what I thought.

Originally Posted by PlanetOscar View Post
Alpho was (and maybe still is) working on something that would enable him to do something in 60 fps
Would have to be something external.

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