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Old 10-25-2006, 08:49 AM
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Time Problem

ok the first npc involved is a time database which is self sustaining . the npc im making is a self sustaining weather database . the problem seem's to be that it's not checking the time corectly . as all the different aspect's of weather are stored as flag's on the npc and check every so many hour's and altered . i have it pretty much set up but it's not setting the flag's to the right value .

Flag List -
possable conditions for the weather for all season's .

conditions="rain","snow","sleet","fog","cloudy","c learskies"
humidity="10%","other weather functions like temp or moisture"
moisture="10%","0%-100%","groundmoisture" ,"plantgrowing","plantwatering"
temperature="70","-60 - 90+","groundmoisture","plantgrowth","plantwatering "
waterlevel="hightide","naturaltide","lowtide","raf tmovement","waterbaddys"
what all the different string's are .

information.pos.strings=possable settings for the season
information.rights=Still Working It , this is just set up for example to show the strings that will be used , their tolerance levels and what they will effect .
information.time.strings=time checked and resetted information strings
the hour the condition was last checked .

possable setting's for the current season .

the time each condition is checked . hourly rate .

the real information flag's , or current setting's ."clearskies""10""60""naturaltide""5,north-east"
my first problem is as i said before a flag isnt setting the right value . instead
of the flag being set to a number its being set to the word . ive tryed several varation's but nothing has worked so far . and i searched throu the wikipidia site but i didnt see any kind of time example in the new gs2 or even a discription .

this.rights.lastcheckedwaterlevel = "hour";

but if this isnt working i wonder if the time checker part will work either but i wont know untill i get least one of them fixed . can anyone help with this , but there is another problem . the old with(getnpc(npcname)){ command . i found a new one in one of our script's but im not sure about how
it send's the informaton and what not . i know nothing about this new command other then the findNPC("NPCnameHere") , "the .guilds.remove" i believe is the word trigger's sent but im not for sure . any help would be greatly appreciated .

findNPC("Control-LocalGuilds").guilds.remove(uppercase(clientr.guil d[0]));
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