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Originally Posted by TSAdmin View Post
I don't know specifically how the iPhone/iPad/iPod one works exactly, but when I get e-mails from their customers who e-mail the wrong address about gelat packs, they get something like tiny bundles at such a measly and manageable price which, with the removal of subscriptions to be replaced with gelat shops, would probably end up mimicked here.
The pay system on iPhone works like this. They sell packs called gralat packs (not gelat as there's no subscription) which gives you either 2500 or 8000 gralats, depending on how much you pay. I personally think it's a rip off, especially because the prices for items are so high these days and buying packs is the easy and fastest to get money. People email you (by mistake probably) because sometimes they don't receive the packs. The system has flaws, but the pricing of the packs is fine. The problem is that the items you buy with gralats are so expensive that you're almost forced to buy the packs. I only hope that doesn't happen here.
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