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'New' Old Dungeons

For those people who have not been checking the news in-game, I'd like to make folks aware that the order for dungeons has changed substantially over the past month or so.

This has been done to try and smooth out the leveling process while making it more engaging at the same time, as players will be expected to switch to a new dungeon every 10 levels or so, rather than just grinding endlessly in the Ice Cavern.

The dungeon order and monster groupings are as follows, although we will be adding more 'boss' monsters to each dungeon over time, and improving the rewards from dungeons in the future as well:

(Lv. 1-10) Sewers: Rat, Big Rat, Bandit, Bandit Leader
(Lv. 11-20) Level 1 Maps: Bomy, Dire Bomy, Evil Bomy, Evil Bomy Lord
(Lv. 21-30) Level 2 Maps: Wolf, Dire Wolf, Panther, Dire Panther, Sabretooth, Shadow Wolf
(Lv. 31-40) Level 3 Maps: Foggy, Smoky, Dievil, EvilDievil, Heavil, EvilHeavil
(Lv. 41-50) Level 4 Maps: Purple Glok, Orange Glok, White Glok, Green Glok
(Lv. 51-60) Immense Maps: T-Rex, Red T-Rex, Baby Iguanadon, Iguanadon, Blue Iguanadon
(Lv. 61-70) Brutal Maps: Snake, Serpent, Bigworm, Badworm
(Lv. 71-80) Deadly Maps: Elven Archer, Orc Warrior
(Lv. 81-90) HH West: Skeleton, Grim Reaper, Zombie, Abomination
(Lv. 91-100) HH East: Vampire Guardian, Vampire Priest, Ghoul, Wraith
(Lv. 101-110) HH North: Cyclop, Demon, Necromancer, Succubus

If you are having trouble fighting monsters in a dungeon, you will need to go out and find some Enchant Armour Scrolls and Prepare Weapon Scrolls to improve your statistics.

AC and WC now play a much larger role in the game, and you will need to improve your gear as you go.

Every 10 Levels or so, players gain the ability to put +6 AC (+1 Per Slot) on their armor, and +10 Damage on their weapon.

Pairing that with blessings will also improve a player's WC as well, although in the near future we will also be introducing more weapons with 'Slay' bonuses too, to ease the difficulty of some dungeons which prove to be tough.

So if you're having a difficult time, try improving your items. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to bump up the power of your items before entering any new dungeon, as it will increase your chances of survival.

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