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Post User reputation system

We are planning to introduce User reputation:

User reputations allow users in the community to tell which users are quality and which users are not. And in response to user feedback, the forum has the ability to label and reward users for the quality of their posts, as is indicated by their reputation.

User reputation levels work very similar to user titles and user ranks in that they are an indicator of status that are displayed next to names in posts.
  • You will be able to add or subtract reputation points from other users by clicking the reputation link in their posts.
  • Each day you will be limited to a number of reputation clicks. I was thinking to only allow 1 click each day to avoid cheating.
  • By default you will receive 10 points
  • You will need a minimum of 10 points and 50 posts before being able to click on someone else, so if you loose reputation you will not be able any more to click.
  • Each time you reach 100 reputation Point you will receive 1 more reputation click per day.
  • Each year you will receive 1 more reputation click

Here are the default vbulletin list of reputation and the number of points to get the title. Let's define together a nice graal list:

User is infamous around these parts -999999
User can only hope to improve -50
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past -10
User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
User is on a distinguished road 10
User will become famous soon enough 25
User has a spectacular aura about 75
User is a jewel in the rough 125
User is just really nice 175
User is a glorious beacon of light 225
User is a name known to all 275
User is a splendid one to behold 325
User has much to be proud of 500
User has a brilliant future 750
User has a reputation beyond repute 1000

Tell us what you think of this system and propose a list of reputation titles, we will choose the best one.

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