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Originally Posted by Rave_J View Post
ok well lets see if u honestly think about it. What did Tim do to the gmap due im 100% sure the gmap Alf and Zeus made due when i had RC on Era Dev it was there. all They pretty much did was make some tiles better.

so what has Tim done since hes been manager ?
make a few tiles and the mall system ?
im just saying theres a bigger picture i want focus here
shhh and don't want no A$$ kiss her spaming the thread
Tim also made the Shop System. and im no 'ass kisser' since im banned on era. I just think you're saying alot of useless stuff. You obviously dont have ANY good statements.

Tell me what have you done to make era a better place? Swearing to some new players? Please, Look at yourself before your going to judge someone else.
Also i am not spamming im simply answering.

Tince thinks hes god.