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Originally Posted by Fiberwyre_P2P View Post
I'm 95% behind that.
the 5% is because I don't think it should cost any money to upload a skin.
You'd still have to buy the skin anyway, so one person shouldn't have to pay extra to add something to the game that would be available to everyone.

Unless you're talking about personal skins :O
I meant like, you upload your own skin, similar to uploading a head. (Yeah, personal skins)
In which you pay to add it, and u get it at the same time (like a gang).
If it isn't quality enough and gets refused, you get refunded.

They already asked for submissions for public skins. I thought part of the concept of this was customization and individuality. I wouldn't want to make myself a skin and then see everyone else using it.

Or it could always be a check mark when uploading, to make it public or private (like heads). Then just add a fee to privatizing it. Maybe even guild-only privatization (hue).