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Found a very strange bug..

Whilst testing Dusty's movement system, I found that if I had a high enough speed, I could move so fast the levels wouldn't be drawn in time and I ended up in a black level (except for the animated flower tiles).

The other strange bug occurred in both a custom and default movement system. I started at the bottom left corner of lith.gmap (on Litheria). Holding both up and left I was able to move up against the left hand boundary of the gmap. Eventually, I was walking into pure black.

The other odd issue I'm expierencing is after a while of being on Lith, it seems the timeout becomes more jagged. While I was moving normally with Dustys system, it eventually becomes a rather pulsated. Changing server doesn't resolve the issue and eventually I have to restart the client. Task manager has the client sitting comfortably at 60MB usage with no noticable CPU usage. Would be nice if anyone else could confirm that they have this issue.
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