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Jailed for 81 years on Zodiac, with no apparant reason

*Not sure where this belongs sorry if it's in the wrong area*

So I logged on today around 6:00 pm est, and i noticed i was Jailed. The reason said hacking which would make sense if I was hacking i suppose. I was online before then and there was no problems. I'm not sure if this is an intentional jail or what, however a couple other people were also jailed i.e KubsKagura, Miskeen, MrPoe, momoboi, and maybe other people idk if anybody else logged on. I'd like to get this matter resolved one way or the other because nobody has talked to me at all, and being jailed for 81 years isn't cool. I asked tiu (he's a staff member) if he knew anything and he tried to be as helpful as possible, however he didn't know anything. Any insight to the matter would me much appreciated.