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Originally Posted by Loriel View Post
It's not really being worked on, sorry. I just felt bad about those icons.

Someone emailed me the day before yesterday about some error they were getting trying to build it on OS X, which reminded me gonstruct exists. I still don't have an OS X computer so I can't help with that, but apparently they were using some writeup for macports at to try to get it working. Sounds super annoying though.

I'm vaguely interested in getting rid of the ruby dependency, but it's probably not the biggest problem with compatibility and everybody should have as many scripting languages installed as possible , so I'm not in a rush there either. The only thing I could think of to make it work better on OS X would be completely rewriting the GUI to use Qt, and I'm enthusiastic about neither completely rewriting the GUI nor learning Qt, and it would probably still be a pain to compile things by hand on OS X for people who aren't used to that.

I think Fry is completely occupied with other things.
Yeah mac ports is a complete... I'll just sensor myself now... but yeah I might look into it a little more in depth. Is it anything you would ever consider looking into if someone donated you a mac? Now that I got a macbook air I don't use my mac mini.. and its just collecting dust. Just a thought.
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