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I'm considering an innovative approach to questing, where a portion of the questing content will be tied to the job progression. On Graal2001 there is a progression where it starts out difficult to make money and you have no equipment, but as you grind you are able to afford tools, and once you've done that you can craft more tools by mining, etc. My idea is to take the core idea for our crafting system and flesh it out to be deeper and allow for more things to be crafted in different ways, nothing innovative about that really. Then I will incorporate some items/weapons/tools that can be crafted or acquired via jobs to be necessary to enter or complete specific dungeons, in order of difficulty. The idea is not unlike the 3DS Zelda A Link Between Worlds, where in that game you could tackle the dungeons in any order. I want to make it so there is a difficulty progression and freedom to play the game in whatever order you please.

I am also highly considering implementing a system which will reward players for logging in consecutively once every 24 hours, and even give a bigger reward for 7 days in a row, etc. I could also implement daily objectives which pay x amount of gralats multiplied depending depending on how many days in a row the objectives would be completed.

Also another thing I'm looking at is a system which will add abilities and effects for specific hats. Think of it like Majora's Mask, where some hats/masks may have abilities and some don't. For instance if you're wearing a mining hat, maybe it would take less hits to break a rock or craft an ore, and the headlamp could have a light that can be turned on/off. Or if you have a chef's hat maybe you can make bread faster. None of this stuff would be that hard to accomplish.

Finally I have goals to implement smartphones to Bomy Island, but it's not like you think. Right now I am studying javascript every day and hope to create a companion app to the game that will allow players to check in while not via the client. This could include checking updates, events, daily objectives, etc. I ultimately want the game to have a lot of Animal Crossing-esque features where players feel connected to the game even when they're not playing it. This community aspect was integral to Graal2001 in those days and I think that is the only way to make it fully relevant going into the future.
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