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Graal Kingdoms Recent Updates

Here is a list of the most recent updates on GK

+ Stay in touch with other player's by using our Skype and Discord links.
Skype -
Discord -
+ Regeneration rates have been slightly modified.
+ Many World Bosses now have colorful auras!
+ A new World Boss, the Garuda, now spawns at Garuda's Roost on Zormite Island!
+ The Garuda and its hatchlings drop Garuda Feathers.
+ Garuda Feathers can be used to make the Garuda Shield in Kurol!
+ Life Stealing, Drain, and Depletion now return more points when damaging monsters, and fewer points when damaging players.


+ A new World Boss, the Siren, can be found at Harpy Rock on Pirate Island!
+ Many bosses are now protected by smaller monsters that surround them.
+ Timers on many World Bosses have been reduced to 300 seconds. (5 Minutes)
+ The Transmog Menu has been updated to indicate which slots are for items and which are for an item's new look.


+ Colored Fire Potions now produce colored fires when dropped and double clicked.
+ Note that Potions may be disabled in some levels.
+ The Gryphon is now able to cast Windstorm!
+ Gryphon Hatchlings now accompany the Gryphon!
+ Nagas now accompany the Lamia!
+ Manticubs now accompany the Manticore!
+ Uniponies now accompany the Unicorn!


+ Added some info about Stat Mastery into the Help Menu -> Statistics.
+ The Ancestral Sword and Ancestral Shield can now be made outside of Haunted House East!
+ The Vampire Bow can now be made outside of Haunted House East!
+ Item Traders are now outside in Bomboria for any players who have been digging up 2015 Pumpkins.


+ Spectral Set pieces can now be crafted outside of Haunted House South!
+ Haunted House South monsters are now on Halloween Drops as well!
+ The Hockey Mask and Psycho Mask can now be made outside of Haunted House West!
+ The Bonerender can now be made outside of Haunted House West!
+ The Murder Knife can now be made outside of Haunted House West!


+ It is now possible to worship Tiamat!
+ The Altar of Tiamat has been marked on Main Island, down on the southeast Island below Chillwind Village.
+ Information about bonuses and spells granted by Tiamat can be found in the Help Menu, under the Gods section.


+ Many Alchemy ingredients now have new sprites and are spawning in Magic Shops again!
+ Magic Shops now spawn Magic Cauldrons with bonuses up to +5, which increases output yields.
+ Some old Potions have been turned into new items for diversification, including Tonics, Elixirs, and Orbs!
+ Magic items bought in shops now have descriptions about what spells they cast.
+ Minerals now drop in stacks of up to 5 in mines on Main Island!


+ The Main Underground dungeon has been re-designed to be smaller and faster for traveling to Kingdom Islands!
+ If you own a Draisine, you may test them out early on a new track in the map.
+ Kingdom Dungeons have also had their difficulty lowered substantially as well!


+ Crafted items now have a 35% chance of gaining a Prefix or Affix when crafted.
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