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Post Update: Clan System !

The Graal Kingdoms staff has a new feature to present to you: Clans! With global guilds disabled, they are designed to cater to smaller, tight-knit groups. Being in different kingdoms doesn't mean your group of friends has to stay separated—create a clan and wear your tag with pride!

So, how does it work?

Clans cost 120 nihils to create and start out with 5 slots of members. Joining a clan doesn’t cost anything, and you do not need to leave your kingdom to do so, but players can only be a member of one clan at a time.

When you open up the control panel, you’ll see three buttons at the top of the interface. Clicking “Back” returns you to the last place you clicked within the control panel, “?” brings up a help box with information on the different commands, and “X” closes out the window.

There are also four tabs on the left. Clicking these lets you browse the different commands for the clan system:

View Clan

This tab lets you see your clan’s message, its current members, and their ranks.

When you are not in a clan, it displays info on joining a clan or creating your own.

Clan CP

This tab has all the command options for clan members. The commands you have access to depend on your rank in the clan:

Rank 1: All rights
Rank 2: Turn Tag On, Change Clan Message, Recruit New Player, Edit Members, Edit Ranks
Rank 3: Turn Tag On, Change Clan Message, Recruit New Player
Rank 4: Turn Tag On

Edit Members
Shows you all of the members of the clan and gives you the option to remove them.

Change Clan Message
Allows you to change the clan message that is displayed on the “View Clan” screen. There is no character limit.

Edit Ranks
Allows you to change the ranks of clan members. The darkened number is the member’s current rank. To change a member’s rank, just click on one of the lighter numbers. See above for what rights each rank has access to.

Transfer Leadership
Lets you pass Rank 1 to another member of the clan. Only one member of the clan can hold Rank 1 at a time. To pass the rank, just select a member from the list.

Clan Shop
Here you can purchase several different features for your Clan.

Disband Clan
Disbands your Clan with no refund of Nihil Coins.

Recruit New Player
Displays a list of all online players. To invite one to your clan, just click the button next to their name. A message will pop up on their screen with the option to accept or reject your invitation. Players can only be a member of one clan at a time.

Leave Clan
Click to leave your clan. Clan leaders must pass Rank 1 to another member before they can leave the clan.

Turn Tag On
Click to toggle your clan tag on and off. You can also turn your tag on by typing "/clantag".

Search Clans
Here you can look up other clans by typing a clan name into the search box.

From there, you can click on the clan to view its current members and other stats.

Form Clan

From this tab, you can create a new clan. Creating a new clan costs 120 nihils and requires that you not be a member of any other clan.

Any updates to the system will be noted here!

Thanks to:

Alpho (Development)
Yours Sincerely,

(GK Management)

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Clash: One of my staff removed my RC and banned me.
Clash: I didn't ban or remove their RC after I got another one to fix me.
Clash: Do you know why?
Björn: Because you IP banned him ?

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