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Looking For One Event Master

I am not going to do this like I would normally do it. I want to make it interesting and will let you the players decide who becomes EM. I will make a poll for the candidates once we know who is applying. This is a campaign, so to get players votes you are required to act through the community to get your vote count up. I will be choosing somebody Tuesday night.

Below is an example of what I want to see in your application.

Required Information

Account Name: Tashkin

Most Used Player Name: Tashkin

Online Time: 5383 Hours

Available Time: 4+ Hours A Day

Time Online: 2000-2100 (Example)

Do you have a Gold Subscription: Yes

Why you would like to be an Event Master: Reason why I would like to become and EM is.....

How you can help the community if you become and Event Master: Event Ideas... etc...

Applications will be due by 2100 server time monday. Remember this is a campaign and you will be selected by the community. However, I will still monitor the applicants to make sure they are suitable for the position.

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