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Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
Very odd; I don't get this on Windows 7.
Nor do I. That said, all bugs I report have occurred on Windows 7. Here are some things I do notice-

Click for larger image
-Some heads and bodies (Only seems to be on Classic servers, had no problems on Zone or GK) are not displaying at all. The heads aren't always a problem, but there are still some that don't show up. A lot of bodies don't show up at all though.

-Just a sidenote on this screenshot while it's up though, behind my "Movement chooser" GUI in the lower right, you'll notice that Era's displayed text for server alerts never disappears, just turns black. I'm figuring there's some support issues related to how Era displays it's messages specifically because it doesn't look to have any problem with showtext();

Click for larger image
-Trying to edit in Client RC causes the client to not respond, and inevitably crash once you click a script to edit.

Click for larger image
-No matter what setting you choose for "Run:" in the Graal's shortcut properties, it will open in "Normal window" but with the attribute chosen enabled anyway. EG: I set my Graal shortcut to "Run Maximized", but opening it the game doesn't open maximised at all, however the "Maximize" button is still visually changed to "Restore Down".

This is not the bug in action, but on Kingdoms when you hold down left, right and down, it is almost identical to the bug.
-Okay, I am not entirely sure what causes this one specifically but after the client's been running for some time, I've noticed that switching from one window to another then back to the Game client seems to give slow movement feedback to the client to respond.
For example, once the bug kicks in, I cant move diagonally (Doesn't allow two buttons at once to be pressed, the new button cancels the first), and when I do move the feeling is as if it is moving 1 tile every 0.05 seconds with a sharp pause giving instead of a solid __________ feel like you see in my video, it gives a ---------- feel with cuts in the movement, jolts if you will.

If you get "An error occurred. Please try again later. it may not be "Live" just yet.

-No screenshot for this one since it happens only randomly, but it was also a bug in v5 that seems to have continued over to v6, and I'm sure most of you have probably seen it before. The player's head in the minimap occasionally changes to a randomly selected other online player's head image.

That's all I have for now that I gathered since I started testing.
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