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Exclamation Windows v6 beta test

Edit by Skyld:

I created this thread to keep a track of the bugs in the new Graal 6 client for Windows. I have moved posts from the Mac beta thread to this one. Please post any bugs or problems that you have here. Also consider checking if this bug has already been discussed in the Mac Beta Bugs thread, and make sure that you post the version of Windows that you are running, some information about your hardware and precisely how you replicate the error. I shall try and keep a track of bugs in this post.


Edit by Tig:

I will gray out anything that gets fixed, if something is fixed and it doesn't get grayed out, feel free to do it.
I will also collect some of the bug reports throughout this thread and post it on this main page.


Note to beta testers: Connect to "Login 2" to get the updated things (like updated profiles/playerlist). If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions for the profiles/playerlist please write them in here or forum PM me, suggestions about scripted-RC and other things (like Shared functions) would be best to contact Skyld.


Bugs in v6

+ If you copy something, you cannot copy something anymore, and you will only paste what you originally copied.

+ When calling "maximized = true" and "minimized = true" and such it is acting very strangely. Maximize doesn't maximize a window and minimize seems to destroy all the controls in the window and just decrease the size of the window to something really small.

+ canresize, canmove, canmaximize, etc don't work on external windows.

+ Movement becomes choppy "randomly" sometimes, and movement on attached objects is buggy (this happened after the added memory editing protection to the player.x/y/z in the most recent compiled version).

+ Tile layers support alpha blending (unlike v5) but now they don't support transparency.

+ If you mouse over something that doesn't have a hint, and you're currently looking at hints, the last hint you saw will still be displayed (see playerlist, hover over a player then move over to your "Buddies" tab or so).

+ onDblClick isn't invoked on a textlistctrl if there are multiple selections.

+ There is still some bug with showpolies being displayed 50 tiles south of where I intended them, but I'm unable to replicate it anywhere except my level editor (Tig/LLE on GK Debug -- you can test by pressing F4 and trying to select tiles on the level).
^ Update: Now it seems to be displaying about 3 tiles north of the correct place.

+ Functions like showtop() and makefirstresopnder(bool) are not working on external windows.

+ Windows open at mousex/mousey rather than what's defined in their script.

+ Emitters don't work with text.

+ When you have your mouse down and a new window pops up under your mouse, your mouseup event will never be invoked. Would be nice if it was doing some sort of object checking so it knew to invoke the event for mouseup.
For example, if you right click someone to open their profile, the "rightmousebutton" flag is still set to true, even after you close their profile, until you right-click again.

+ While you're walking and you press alt/ctrl or you click out of Graal, you will just continue walking even if you're not pressing the keys. The above suggestion could probably fix this.

^Update: Alt/ctrl is ok now, but if you click another window while walking you still continue walking.

+ Guitextlistctrls don't update unless they are active or you hover your mouse over them, for things like the playerlist this is not a good thing.

- should add some script commands (if not already added) to control a player's online status (like for plisticons: online,dnd,away,etc)

+ Login privileged scripts can't seem to read from the main graal folder anymore but they can write to the main graal folder.

+ External windows aren't calling events like onResize().

- Things like GuiPopUpMenuCtrls can support icons, but they only display in the drop-down list. As you can see here Name:  popupmenuexample2.PNG
Views: 6118
Size:  597 Bytes the icon displays, but in GS2, it doesn't: Name:  popupmenuexample.PNG
Views: 6081
Size:  1.3 KB (even though the selected row has an icon). Reference to the playerlist on Login 2 for examples.

+ There are some problems with drawing on several controls (like scroll), you can see here that unless the scroll is clicked or scrolled, it cuts off the right side of the scroll:
Name:  scrollrender.JPG
Views: 3224
Size:  1.4 KB How it should look: Name:  scrollrender2.JPG
Views: 3207
Size:  1.5 KB
An example would be open your profile on Graal and just press enter a bunch of times in your "favourite quote" box, you'll notice that until you scroll the box or click the scroll, part of the scroll is chopped off.

+ There is also no task bar icon, it's just a blank 16x16 open spot: Name:  notaskicon.JPG
Views: 6301
Size:  1.2 KB
~ Reminder: Don't forget to pack the icons when you release the client.

+ Run command -listscriptfunctions is not working, it simply starts Graal normally. Actually, TSA reports that no run commands are working.

+ Certain bodies aren't displaying properly. (See: post 1 & post 2)

+ Syntaxhighlighting crashes the client.

+ Possible UDP problems? (See Rufus' post)

+ You can't walk and do an emoticon that is animated, only those that aren't.

+ When you drag external windows across the screen, it quits drawing the main Graal window. It would be nice if it continued to update other windows instead of doing this while you're dragging a window (Note: winXP and lower only):
Click image for larger version

Name:	movingwindows.jpg
Views:	825
Size:	322.5 KB
ID:	50188

Important Suggestions

* Suggestion: The "flickering" boolean, maybe it should also have something like "flickerimage" so we can define what is displayed in between flickers, and if flickerimage is not defined it could just show nothing. (This is needed for the playerlist).

* Suggestion: Some way to select multiple rows in a textlist, like setSelectedRows({0,1,2,3,4}); and setSelectedRowsByID({12,43,20,13,1}); This would be used for the playerlist.

* Suggestion: Some way to select text in a MLText ctrl.

* Suggestion: Some way to flash external windows when they're updated. On Mac the default behavior for this is to "pop" the window out on the dock, and certain linux distros also support the window flashing. Should look like this:

* Suggestion: Should update the client so .nw files also can specify if a tilelayer is blocking or non-blocking or using the tileset, and also if the tilelayer is drawoverplayer or drawunderplayer, etc. Also need to add some scripting variables to access this.

* Suggestion: In v6, you should check the integrity of default files like sword.gani, head0.png, sprites.png, etc so we don't have servers replacing them or so.

* Suggestion: Some sort of boolean for external windows to show always on top whenever the Graal client is the active application. Boolean could be something like GuiWindowCtrl.alwaysontop. (Will be used for the playerlist, PMs and Profiles).

Unimportant Suggestions

* Would be neat if string.substring(-1) cut off 1 character from the back of the string instead of having to do string.substring(0, string.length() - 1);

* Some level.zoom affect to scale the size of the level would be neat. I know many people had hoped this is possible. It would open a lot of possibilities for Graal, especially if it's also able to be done with tilelayers.

* Enabling timevar3 on regular servers.

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