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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
One thing I think the Graal Olympics need is some new-theme events.

For example, Era will probably fail at most of the events since it is a modern server, and those are classic-themed events. Especially sparring.
The difference between most servers are mainly setting, generally the gameplay is the same. Other than sparring which is a Graal classic, the events are going to be pretty fresh in design as stated in the first post. The theme will remain consistent instead of say, jumping from a Classic setting into an Era modern, then hopping over to a Graal Kingdoms style event, then back to the Classic setting, it would be too confusing and all over the place.

Originally Posted by TheFisherman View Post
It would be cool if each server could submit their own banner or something and have team colors?
Yeah I was thinking of letting the servers pick their respective colors, and maybe having matching outfits for those that were in the teams. The spectators would get a choice of outfit, and the option to pick which server they're from. I thought about maybe giving out a flag weapon that people could wave around when the players chose their server, but it would be hard to represent a server in a little flag image.
Originally Posted by Loriel View Post
Seriously, you have ****-all for content and you're not exactly pulling in new developer talent, angling for prestigious titles should be your last concern.
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