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Okay, so I got jealous of the graphic guys (and gals) and I started a level design one! Yay!
Basically the same idea:
  • There are 64 squares, with 63 remaining.
  • Please respect the surrounding squares and join up unfinished patterns/objects
  • Avoid using really big objects that will take many squares to fill
  • You can do more than one square, but not in a row (i.e: Do 1 > Wait for someone else > Do 1)
  • Do not forget to attach the graal file, as well as a screenshot
  • If you feel the need, explain what your square is/was/going to be apart of
  • Pick a white or black square, and fill in detail, take a screenshot (ALT+1) when in game play, then upload that and the graal file as a forum attachment.

Okay, here goes!

My square: An attempt at a pathway mixing the default path stones with dirt and grass! Feel free to go anyway you want.

As this thread may be viewed by lots at first, please post 'I will do the next square' or something, so 2 people don't work on it at once (of course you can begin your square while waiting if it's not planning to connect to anything just yet)!

Final Contributors:
Spark910 - 14
Darlene159 - 10
King homer daStupid - 6
Gerami - 5
Magadal - 4
OasaTor_PK - 4
GoZelda - 3
Lord Sephiroth - 3
Moondeath_2 - 3
Bl0nkt - 1
Crono - 1
Codein - 1
Draenin - 1
Infernix - 1
Jackel9 - 1
napo_p2p - 1
petro1212 - 1
Silent - 1
VulcanP2P - 1
Waltz5 - 1
WanDaMan - 1
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