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Do it right f**king now (game play requirements):
-Stop changing our font on log-in.
-Stop changing our GUI window preferences whenever we use internal windows.
-Make players '/save' automatically at specific points (changing respawn, logging off, changing islands?). Nobody should have to deal with this feature on their own.
-Put speed back; randomly capping it when people already have past that cap is pure retardation. This is a huge negative; especially when every item has Speed+ and the map is ****ing huge. You want people to leave trade not promote standing still.
-Have players always on Kingdom Tag as default... guilds/staff/stuff would override this for RP purposes, but if you want Kingdoms to mean something then a player shouldn't be a member of the Zormite kingdom and not be recognizable/representing whenever they're online. Outlaws should be easily recognized to be recruited and whatnot.

Do it soon (simple improvements):
-Make Kingdoms/unique guilds have recognizable AP colors. There is no more trial/notrial/vip difference... use this simple system for something constructive. ETs should be easily differentiated from Samurai and Forest alike (especially when they're not bmode).
-Add a day/night/creature spawn timer of some sort... could be as simple as a changing sun/moon icon so players know the difference between bomys and reapers without having to kill them and wait.
-Overhead HP display needs numerical values and/or incremental dashes of some sort.
-Elemental/attack-type effects need to be visible on players in some way when applied and for the duration. Could be as simple as an over-head icon. 'Poisoned!' when they get hit, tint them green for the duration. This is all up for debate but it is simple as pie to do and since PvM/PvP is supposed to be the entire goal of the server, having zero distinction actually makes me feel disgusted. Overall PvM/P clarity with these ideas.
-Message Log needs to be traverse-able with mouse scroll or contained in its own window with a scroll-bar. Seriously; it's 2015... we're getting spammed with messages every-time we touch something or someone logs on/dies/respawns/sends a message/prays from 2003... let us filter and view this.

All the above should be doable within 24-48 hours honestly. Most of it is pre-existing points of reference that are just not clarified/visible to players.

Long Term Do-Age (stuff to work on):
-Kingdom competition. Give rewards for the most RP every month; make some more events for kingdoms (kingdom spar; make a water level with boat spawners, etc.) give kingdoms a reason to promote/add players and war each-other... add objectives (Samurais have captured a golden Dustarian chicken, will they go to war to reclaim the sacred egg-layer?? +5000rp if dusty gets it back (but goes to war!), -5000rp if they refuse). I don't know... just do something, get a Kingdom Admin.
-Dungeons/Monsters.. obviously. Make more HH's with different creatures/rewards. Add caves with different level creatures, I'm sure you could randomize some of the regular dungeon/labyrinth monsters to be less boring. Any monkey can make levels, and having messed with the creatures b4, there's no reason someone can't make a new dungeon in a matter of a couple work-hours (a few days of graal-time). Not everything needs to be super special effects and scripted up like the Crypt (which in-itself isn't even that complex).
-Gear/Items... this is kinda simple and most people do this first; I mean it takes from 2-30 mins to make a item depending if you need on-player animations for it or not. But it's not all just newplz.. someone could go make 40 different recolored ring/scroll icons in an hour and make this stuff more recognizable and professional.
-Scores/Points/Collectables... really add some systems or competition that people can work on after experience. Right now, once a player reaches level 110 (and 107 in like 2/6 categories) they've effectively completed the game. There needs to be a reason for players to keep logging on and to compete against each other; besides just collecting items.

I'll probably post more later if any progress actually gets made, this is tl;dr.

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