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YEARS ago it didn't really matter if there were school, or vacations. Graal always had a steady playercount. I dunno Tig, maybe you just hang around on GK which have always had 10-20 players online these years. So maybe you can't see that other servers on Classic tab, which used to have 100+ every day are now having 60+. Each week they're losing players. Let's take UN for example: 6 months ago, they had 120 players, according to graalstats, today roughly 50 players. HMM.. But wait, maybe we can go back this exact day last year? It had about 90 players back then, now it have ~50. Where did the 40 players go? Huh Tig? Maybe UMM MORE PEOPLZ GO 2 SCHOOL NOWDAYS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Let's skip the bull****. :]
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