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Originally Posted by xXziroXx View Post
Spray shading guns does not make them look better.
I can respect that. I understand what you're saying and I agree, I just like to give it texture along with the shading, I guess it's just styles. You can't really see shading that much on guns on player. It's just if you looked at it in paint or in graalshop. I don't really 'spray shading' I try to give it texture. But i'll keep that in consideration next graphic I make though, it was duly noted. I'm going to +rep that tomorow, because it's something very usefull as far as constructive criticism.

But I agree, I have room for improvement. But alot of the other works I have done look do look nice. MK23's look pretty decent as far as shading, same with deagles. I thought those looked pretty decent too, the ones I showed. I made them almost 6 months ago, and wouldn't consider them 'complete'. Though compared to alot of the other newer guns that have come out in the last little bit. HK, SCAR..
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