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Originally Posted by Dnegel View Post
Looks good
Yeah there half decent though right? Era could really use a gun admin.

I worked on Era for years and years working on just gun ganis and gun graphics, I'm one of the best pkers on the game so I could easily balance the gun stats with another gun admin. I think i'd be a great candidate for that type of position. I'd be completely unbiased considering the weight of the position, considering I'd probably not be raiding. I'd be fixing every gun making it look alot better, like I always used too. I was probably one of the most proactive ''' ganis ''' Era had. Lets be honest though, how long does it take to do an elaborate reload gani like on a AK47, because each direction takes at least an half-hour, for the ak47 id say 3 hours to do the reload gani alone. I was always redoing guns, as I'd finish one project I'd do another one. Massing to players ' what gun you think could use some spice ' ect. Than completely redoing the gani into something alot cleaner and nicer, as well as the graphics. Easily said that 80% of all the gun ganis on Era, I've made.

Idk. I'd just really like to help out, as far as development for stuff that people would like to see. Making ganis for guns that don't even have reload ganis. Remaking graphics like deagles, mk23's or the neorifle (great examples). To balancing the very fragile statistics of these guns though understanding of the statistics themselves and being very skillful at the game itself. Anything gun related I'd be perfect to maintain because I'm highly skilled when it comes to anything to do with them.
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