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Originally Posted by DustyPorViva View Post
Be warned that while type 1 allows more organization it comes at a cost. There is so much room allocated to nonblocking tiles that isn't needed that almost every other type(except for blocking) ends up with very little. The biggest issue is water, you only get a dozen or so tiles for all the water in the entire tileset.

Not to mention it requires creating any level using this as a base instead of pics1... and when it offers almost exactly the same thing as pics1 except organized differently that can be quite frustrating.
I think we'll be okay when it comes to space. A lot of tiles in pics1.png are just recolored versions of normal tiles, and a good portion of tiles like the ones in the lava section can probably be remade or tossed out completely.

As I've been re-organizing tiles, I've found ways to make them more compact and easier to locate. This will be a major benefit to level artists who sometimes have trouble locating single tiles that are randomly placed in the Type 0 tileset because of space limitations. Not to mention, it also frees up a lot of space that we'll need for new objects.

However, using Type 1 basically means that old servers using pics1.png for their levels would not be able to just upload this tileset and change their server completely. Since this is an attempt at totally new tiles, they would be best used on new servers. But, that isn't to say that I can't re-scramble them for Type 0 once we're finished.

It's a slow process, but here's what I've got so far. The tiles on the left are in no particular order.

I'm just trying to get stuff like trees, cliffs, water, and objects put together before I put them into Type 1 format. As I progress, tiles that have been transferred are being blacked out so I can tell what's left. The stuff in the top-left may be disorganized right now, but I'll be arranging them very neatly into rows when it comes time to do so.
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