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Lightbulb Community Project: New Tileset

Okay, so I know I've been talking about this forever, but I'm finally making a thread about it.

It's been years upon years since pics1.png was created. And since then, we've had hundreds of servers that have customized it for their own use. However, there isn't a single version out there that has been completely revised. They always wind up incomplete.

So, let's change that and work with each other on making a new one that can be used across all servers.

This is a community project, so even though there's going to be competition, I don't want to see people at each other's throats over it. We are all working toward a common goal.


1. I will be facilitating the project, and will do my best to keep my opinion out of the discussion. If I do share my opinion, it will come as positive reinforcement.

2. Instead of re-posting the tileset over and over, just post the tiles you want to be included. I will do what I can to inject your work into the final copy. This includes aligning your tiles into the grid, and converting them to 8-bit colors when the time comes.

3. Generally speaking, any new tiles which replace the old ones will be accepted unless there is strong disapproval from lots of people. But the fact still remains that those old tiles will still need to be replaced. So if you disapprove, keep in mind that we will need a more suitable replacement eventually.

4. I may ask users to move on to editing tiles for different regions that have not been completed. Especially if there is too much competition going on over a particular section of the tiles.

5. Please try to sample colors from the tileset's pre-existing palette. Too many colors in some tiles might result in color loss when it gets converted down to 8-bit. You can use more than what's there, but if it looks terrible after conversion, you will need to reduce the amount of colors you've used.

6. You can either revise or change tiles. If you are revising them, bushes need to stay as bushes, rocks should stay as rocks, and so on. However, if you are changing some of them completely, you should seek approval from others.

7. Keep your tiles within the constraints of the area in which you wish to insert them. If you make something that's too large to fit in the space where it needs to be, I can try to chop it up and put some of the remaining tiles elsewhere, but too much of that is a problem.

8. As always, don't submit tiles which are 'borrowed' from other servers or games. This includes other game-making programs like RPG Maker and so on.

Because it has been released as a free resource and contains a fair number of tiles which have already been revised, I chose Dusty's tileset for our base image. However, if you want to replace anything in that image, please feel free to post what you've got.

The base tileset image is below, along with samples from the free tiles thread which may be included later as well. New tiles need to be submitted in the same fashion as these samples, so that I can work them into the tileset.

As we keep going, I will periodically post updates to the tileset, so people can see what it's looking like so far.
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