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Originally Posted by papajchris View Post
Even with F2P, I doubt UN would return to it's glory. Let's face it, there is NOTHING to do on UN, that you can't do on Zodiac or Era. The only reason I played UN, the only reason my friends played UN, was because someone started us off there. With connections dying, new players have no reason to stick to UN.

UN's problem (IMO) is that it's stuck in the past. Just idling isn't cool anymore. With Xbox 360, Ps3, and more out, what does UN bring to the table? UN needs to restructure itself to have more quests, a storyline, and other features for the feel of a complete game. Player's need to feel that what they are doing is important to the development of their Character. On Era, you kill people and get money and more HP, among other things. Same with Zodiac. UN will follow Babylon, Delt, and others because it refused to change. Thats the problem with Oldbies constantly running the servers. They always want it back to the they first saw it.
This is just false, there are a ton of things you can do on UN that you can't do on Era and Zodiac, the most basic of these being actually play classic style graal with default swords and such. Just with that it will continue to hang on until another classic style server comes out. Also it has bowling, tower defense, an arcade with games, the best events on classic tab, board games, five tournaments a week, etc.

The problem is observer mode. Oldbies get bored of the content because they've played for so long. New players would try the things on the server and like them. For example, everyone on UN complains about castle wars and wants it to be remade, but its easily better than any of the forts on iphone.
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