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Originally Posted by Mafukie View Post
Okay, over many years we've had MMO gaming out now. I haven't really experienced new servers out, and I have a few concerns.

Why haven't we done "normal" setups? 1-10 specials with icons, pet control, questing, raiding, dungeon systems?

I've played zodiac, but not recently I know you can configure keyboard to do certain actions but nothing on a toolbar so to speak.

Also the whole 2D side scrolling gaming has been huge maplestory, ect. What is holding up developers from achieving the same thing?

Is it because this is set for non-Graal staff to take care of? Seriously how hard would it be to set up a basic framework to build up these features? a month? two months? its been (looks at WoW clock 6+ years)

I mean it's great Graal is getting through with its recent iPhone advancements but not before going through the PC player base as a jump off point.

at this time of writing 0 across the board on gold servers. Is this the kind of worth you want to give people who pay money for this game?

Who is keeping this company on their toes anymore? I've been supporting this game since 2001 financially speaking spending money when major advancements come along It might not be much but it means I have a voice. At least in my delusions of grandeur.

How can a peice of **** simplistic game like farmville become so popular when graal is left in the dark? Hell almost anyone in graal with a decent understanding in gscript(2) could accomplish this. Are you telling me graal can't create a farm server, a zombie server, and a WoW-esque style game?

Are you saying that Stefan can't make graal F2P with a cash shop that is somewhat balanced?

With this many years into it, I can't believe that new games come out surpassing graal that have half the potential.

I keep coming back, to see if this game has jumped to the next level and every time comes disappointment.

I already acknowledge that this rant will probably not change anything. Nor will the number of replies it gets. But thats whats great about being able to voice an opinion in this world.
Sorry to revive the thread, but I completely agree with this. -^
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