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Originally Posted by Crono View Post
Clash didn't really do anything but kill the server on purpose and then make demands for his new Valikorlia. Also most of Valikorlia are staff anyway so "voting" for your manager works. Doesn't work so well on servers with an actual playercount though.
You're basing all of this off of the current situation of Valikorlia. Back when we voted for Omake to be manager, we had a playercount 2 or 3 times greater than the one we have now on our best days, even eclipsing UN every now and then. We also had a smaller staff team than we have now. So, no, most of the players were not staff members.

Also, Omake did not come directly after Clash. The PWA (Bell, I think) removed Clash from his position. First to replace him, I think, was some kind of combination of Clash-era admins -- Zangus, maybe Setzer and some others. Then it was Amo, who let Aren (a NAT) take control of everything. Then somehow Army became manager, and he did a whole lot of nothing. Once Army quit, his co-manager decided to hold a vote for new management. The server was actually quite split between the two groups, who came to the campaign with new directions for the server and the experience and ability to pull everything off. We voted in Omake and things have been doing great, development-wise.

Also, just to reiterate, our playercount was considerably larger during that time, right up there with the current average playercounts of Zodiac and Era. So it can be done for 'medium-large' scale servers. The players simply have to know what they want and the people running for manager have to be able to deliver.

Originally Posted by Bell View Post
Popularity contest aside, if there were an electoral process, qualified applicants would spend a year campaigning for themselves instead of working on the server.

Bad idea.
Are you really equating campaigns for manager of a GraalOnline server to a real-life campaign for political office? What do you think a GraalOnline campaign would consist of? Town hall meetings, party conventions, appearing on television news? I don't think it's even possible to spend all of your time campaigning to be a server manager, unless you only play Graal for like 15 minutes a day.
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