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Originally Posted by Bell View Post
I realize that a global rc would be a nice bonus and thats always a possible future addition on a 'need' basis. Mainly I imagine it would be the scripters since modifying scripts to work on individual servers is easier to do than to explain. I just do not want people joining for the sole purpose of global rc, doing minimal work then sitting around just to look cool.
I'm sure many of the more reputable scripters don't need an official global RC.
Originally Posted by Bell View Post
I don't see why you couldn't get an IRC channel if everyone felt it would be helpful. They are already available and I'm sure Skyld could get something like that put in place. Skyld's probably gonna beat me for volunteering him but he'll live.
I don't care who provides the IRC channel as long as it is officially endorsed by Graal management and global staff so that people actually use it.

Originally Posted by Bell View Post
Do any of you have any suggestions as to what should be required to join the team itself? Please be as specific as possible.
If an applicant is an unknown quantity, then they should require some endorsement from someone who has a significant development position or standing in the global community.
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