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Originally Posted by Gambet View Post
I do not recall a plant being there but I may be wrong. The plant is not in that position on the debug server either so it either wasn't there to begin with or was removed some time ago. Not really a big deal, though.
maybe it was removed when dan went fixing wall errors that no1 could see...

Originally Posted by DuBsTeRmAn View Post
I think it's a new event, Find the plant o.O
haha ok.

Originally Posted by RebelArbiter View Post
Wow we better speak up. If we let them get away with this next the chairs at the snack bar will go away and we'll have no where to sit!
YEH! they can't just go and steal our funitures and plants like that!

Originally Posted by bahamutstevetff View Post
maybe the plant fell out the open window in space...
nah, the window is too far away, it's stolen.
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