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I would also like to see a downsize of graal servers, there are many playerworlds that are under construction because nearly everyone wanted to make their own server, and that isn't good because it causes people that do the work to get spread out too much and very little actual work gets taken care of.

There are some servers that were started maybe once or twice but didn't really work out, but STILL people cling to them and try their own "revival project" and should just let those servers go already.

And the tileset or item rights deal going on, why are certain works and tilesets not allowed to be used in another server, i've seen some very good tiles on multiple servers and thought they would go pretty good together in one massive new age server, just an example would be classic, you have all those wonderful and fun quests from before the reset, just give them a makeover! New look, new scripting, but the same stuff the older playerbase loved when they first started.

But no, people are so darn set on keeping "their" tileset and if even ONE sprite looks like theirs and it's on another server........holy cow does all kinds of crap hit the fan and it turns into a big mess on who owns what and where, I could be mistaken but shouldn't all graphics, music, scripts and all that belong to Cyberjoueurs? I would think that allowed people to use any tileset or graphic they needed for their server without someone complaining about it.