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Red face

Originally posted by draygin
I think its a classic for sure, a classic example of crap. Man that level is so bad I dont know that I even know where to begin. The green light and tree images are just wierd I recommend taking that out. The walls look bad (at least I Think so but some people might like it) Floor looks bad definatly recommend not going with that design. The sand and water and grass is just wierd and has no logic to your indoor design. (then again nothing looks really logical) Yellow carpet is wierd. Why are the tables overlapping like that? You think some one would known to give them a little bit of space when they where moving funiture.

I know this is really harsh but the level just isnt salvagable. Not unless you break it down to just the outline and completely retile it.

In short the level is Chaos.

0/10 (like my first real 0 for a finished level)

Now I'm not saying you're necessarily a bad level maker. Just that this level particular level is really bad. I recommend going back to the drawing board . As a word of advice levels are generally better if they have a sense of logic and order like its supposed to be there. Everything you have no makes no sense of why its like that it looks more like random stuff running rampent.

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