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Originally Posted by Kamaeru View Post
It should go without saying that the rewards which can be unlocked in a game should be unlocked by playing the game, and not by working in real life to get money so that you can trade for it.

Life's not a game like that! You can buy games but you shouldn't have to buy a game and then buy the graphics..

That's like paying extra money to your cable company to throw in more commercials..
Do I think personally that the pricing system for all of Graal's assets need to be reworked? Yes.

Do I think that what they're doing is entirely wrong like people are saying? No. They're a business and need to make their money respectively. If they can't find a middle ground that their clientele and bank account are both happy with, they'll lose their profit.

Personally unless the company sees their profit going down or ultimately starts losing money, I don't think we can expect to see prices change anytime soon.
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